We Build Tech.

WestonDEV is a technology agency partnering with businesses to generate tech solutions to accelerate growth.


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We Develop Apps.

Business Apps, Consumer Apps, Medical Apps, we have built them all from scratch. All apps we make are available for both iOS and Android. Check out some of the ones we have made.

We Develop Full-Stack.

We have dedicated teams for UX/UI Design, Front-End Development, and Back-End Development. Don’t worry about outsourcing any aspect of your project, we do it all in-house.

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We Automate Business.

Our background is in business, and we know how many different systems are used to run one. We specialize in automating and connecting all of these processes to reduce manual input and increase efficiency.



Mobile Apps

Using native code and the latest technologies, we optimize for both iOS and Android platforms to build cutting edge, beautiful apps that are easy to use and require little maintenance. We work with both start-ups and established businesses alike to design applications for their specific needs.

Web Applications

Ranging from customer portals to transformative web based software applications, we build proprietary software that is customized to meet all of our clients’ needs. We take a dual web and mobile based design approach to ensure seamless experiences regardless of the user’s device, key in today’s mobile age.

Business Automation

As tech consultants, we critically think of the best solution/path of least resistance to better automate business processes. Whether it’s developing custom texting systems, standalone applications, integrations amongst different software, or providing our advice to leverage existing technologies, we seek the best solution that transforms your business to save you time and money. Whatever frustrations our clients’ face in their business, we’re here to help.

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Case Studies

Delivering Success

We pride ourselves in delivering great tech, but what is most important is that the tech delivered fixes the problems our clients need solved. Check out how we made sure we did that on some of our most recent projects.

Create Your Own Success Story
Create Your Own Success Story


Partners for Life

We approach every project with care and passion as if the companies we work with are our own. We know every new project is the start of a beautiful long term partnership, and we have many happy partners that love to talk about us.

Ruchir P.

Ruchir P.

CTO · OrthoMinds

The quality of their work and the on-time delivery are impressive.

Jessica C.

Jessica C.

CEO · We Crush Events

It was as if they were an extension of our team and invested in our success just as much as we are.

Lesli R.

Lesli R.

CIO · Victory Casino Cruises

Whenever we faced any issues, WestonDEV quickly came up with creative solutions.

Kerry V.

Kerry V.

CEO · O’Neill Marketing

WestonDEV has single handedly saved our company hundreds of hours a year.

About Us

Our Story

WestonDEV was born in 2019 from the vision of its two founders, Kenneth Segall and Alex Raymond. In the past several years, starting with just two employees, WestonDEV is already home to 15 employees and is still expanding. The single largest contributor to this success is WestonDEV's emphasis on the intersection of technology and business. Yes, WestonDEV is a tech company, and is at the forefront of cutting edge technology, but what good is tech without the proper application. The culture at WestonDEV isn’t simply to make the best technology, but also understand why that technology is being made in the first place, and assure that it fills its purpose.

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