Masingo Karaoke App

The Masingo Karaoke Mobile App creates a karaoke party on the go, by combining music videos, guided lyric overlays, and powerful audio modes such as turning on or off the lead vocals to test your true skills.

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What was the problem?

Masingo is one of the most popular brands of karaoke machines sold on the market, and it was looking for an app to supplement its karaoke experience. To offer an app truly unique to the competition, all of the songs on the app are to be accompanied with their music videos, and the user must be able to instantly turn vocals on/off with no delay to the music video being played.

What was the problem

What did we do?


We researched other popular karaoke apps on the market to research what the competition is currently providing to their users and how the user interface could be improved upon. We leveraged the Masingo team’s experience in the karaoke space to ask probing questions and determine the best user flow and key features in demand by end consumers.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout the span of 6 weeks, interlaced with brainstorming meetings between WestonDEV and Masingo, we began the process with a low-fidelity wireframe to determine the app flow.


Once the low fidelity wireframes of the step-by-step app flow was finalized, our design team created high-fidelity design mock-ups of the app in Figma. Through collaboration with the Masingo team and many iterations of the design, we landed on a finalized app design ready for development. The finalized design coupled with the feature list was used to create a timeline for the lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team took the reins and built out both the data intensive back-end, and client facing front-end for the development of the mobile applications for both iOS and Android. We integrated features such as reusable components and unit testing to ensure quality of development.

User Feedback and Future Planning

A good application is never finished. We continue to collect feedback from the Masingo team and users, to propose new features and systems that can improve the app we developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting edge technologies to create a mobile app to create the app, including various products in the AWS suite of tools, React-Native, and Zoho for backend admin management of the app.

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Dynamic Home Page

The app tracks each user’s play history to create curated playlists tailored specifically to the user’s taste. The Recommended Playlists are controlled by the Masingo admin team, while Top Hits are dynamically tracked based on all-time song play history.

Dynamic Home Page

Karaoke Player

A custom music video player page with proprietary algorithms and animations that highlight each lyric at the exact time it’s supposed to be sung. Vocals can be turned on/off by the flip of a switch with no loading time required.

Karaoke Player


The app displays Masingo’s physical devices to promote cross-selling between the app and the karaoke machines. The products are dynamically integrated into the app in order to keep the in-app shop updated in real-time with Masingo’s backend product database.


Some numbers

We are proud to say that the Masingo mobile application is gaining traction in the space and is generating many synergies and cross-sell between the companies physical machines and the app.


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