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O’Neill Marketing is a comprehensive individual and group General Agency representing health and life insurance companies and products that meet the needs of individuals and employers.

What was the problem?

O’Neill Marketing has agreements with a wide variety of insurance carriers. Each carrier requires different documents and information from agents and confirms or denies agents based on these materials. Due of the sheer quantity of agents under O’Neill Marketing, they needed a cloud based system to organize and automate the entire process, previously tracked in a web of speadsheets.


What did we do?


We contacted health insurance companies and agents to better understand the world of insurance and learn first hand how an agent is contracted with a carrier so we can truly understand the value provided.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout the span of 4 weeks, weekly 2 hour meetings were held with O’Neill Marketing, where we created and refined a detailed BPA (Business Process Analysis) to ensure every minuscule detail was accounted for before coding commenced.

Zoho UI Creation

Our Zoho team and design team collaborated to ensure O’Neill Marketing’s Zoho CRM was designed with all pertinent fields, data, and workflows organized in a way that makes sense to the end user. This user interface planning and the BPA were both used to create a specific timeline for the entire lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team and Zoho team built out all backend functionality, and the client facing design for the CRM solution. Several weeks of rigorous quality checks were performed.

User Feedback and Future Planning

A good CRM is never finished. To this day, we continue to collect feedback from O’Neill Marketing and use the insight gained to propose new features and systems that can improve the solution developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting edge technologies coupled with the Zoho suite of tools to create a complete CRM that automated all aspects of an agent’s lifecycle under any O’Neill Marketing associated insurance carrier.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

We used Zoho CRM to serve as the central hub and primary user interface for O’Neill Marketing.

Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive

All files pertaining to records in the CRM are stored in Workdrive for easy security controls over who can access the files.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

Dynamic forms are created with independently hosted Zoho creator built web pages that dynamically populate information in the CRM.

Dynamically Generated Forms

O’Neill Marketing agents can request appointments and edit any information in the system through dynamically generated forms.

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Insurance Appointments

O’Neill Marketing can track all requested and confirmed appointments for each agent in their CRM.

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Dynamic Reporting

Reports can be generated at the click of a button with any information that has been entered into the CRM through user input, forms sent to agents, or of automated tasks.

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Some numbers

After spending so much time developing the perfect solution to the problem presented, we always make sure to track the success of the product built. We are proud to say that the O’Neill Marketing CRM interacts with insurance agents all around the United States!



O’Neill Marketing is being used throughout the country, and over 50 agents interact with the system daily.