Reachable is an intelligent communication platform that uses texting to connect celebrities and content creators with their audience.

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What was the problem?

Communication from celebrities and content creators to their audience gets buried on social media, with no way for fans to instantly receive direct communication. Conversely, without getting “buried in the DMs”, fans are given no opportunity to directly interact with their favorite icons.

What was the problem

What did we do?


We held joint Zoom sessions with 5 content creators and celebrities from different industries: fantasy football, television, music, fitness, and home renovation. We listened and noted the difficulties these individuals faced in communicating with their audiences.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout a two month brainstorming and design process between WestonDEV and Reachable, a detailed feature list for the creation of the mobile application was created.


Our design team created a beautiful wireframe, or mockup, of every screen to be created for the proposed mobile app. This wireframe coupled with the feature list was used to create a specific timeline for the entire lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team took the reins and built out both the data intensive back-end, and the user-facing front-end for the development of the mobile application. Several weeks of rigorous quality checking was performed for every new feature release.

User Feedback and Future Planning

A good application is never finished. To this day, we continue to collect feedback from both Reachable and use the insight gained to propose new features and systems that can improve the mobile app we developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting edge technologies to create a mobile app that in just a few clicks empowers celebrities to mass text their audience on the go.

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Text Messaging

By integrating the SMS and MMS power of Twilio, we allow for secure, anonymous two way communication between fan and celebrity. Most powerfully, one celebrity can mass text thousands of fans in an instant.

Text Messaging

Premium Subscription Packages

For guaranteed direct messaging access, fans can purchase premium subscription packages to send a limited number of text messages a month. We integrated purchasing with banking provider Stripe to accept fan payments and disburse earnings.

Premium Subscription Packages

Powerful Analytics

We provide celebrities with a mobile app dashboard of powerful analytics to track the number of phone numbers and subscribers they have amassed. Further, we provide click tracking capabilities on the links sent out from celebrities to their fans.

Powerful Analytics

Some numbers

After spending so much time developing the perfect solution to the problem presented, we always make sure to track the success of the product built. We are proud to say that the Reachable mobile application is being used all around the United States!


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