DentalMatch is the most complete mobile application for both dental professionals seeking jobs and dental practices seeking employees.

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What was the problem?

When it comes to dental jobs in the United States, it is a dental professional’s market. Dental practices have a very difficult time finding qualified professionals, let alone professionals interested in their practice. Not only is it difficult to find the candidates, but the process is very time consuming.

What was the problem

What did we do?


We interviewed hiring managers from 3 different dental practices to get a better sense of the difficulty they face when looking for talent. It was also important to determine through what medium they find most convenient to look for employees.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout the span of 4 weeks, interlaced with brainstorming meetings between WestonDEV and DentalMatch, a detailed feature list for the creation of the mobile application was created.


Our design team created a beautiful wireframe, or mock-up, of every screen to be created for the proposed mobile app. This wireframe coupled with the feature list was used to create a specific timeline for the lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team took the reins and built out both the data intensive back-end, and client facing front-end for the development of the mobile application. Several weeks of rigorous quality checking was performed.

User Feedback and Future Planning

A good application is never finished. To this day, we continue to collect feedback from DentalMatch and use the insights gained to propose new features and systems that can improve the mobile app we developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting edge technologies to create a mobile app that allows dental practices to find and communicate with viable candidates for their open positions.

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Dental Practice Cards

Dental Professionals are able to swipe through all Dental Practices within a user-defined radius of their current zip code that have open job positions matching the dental professional’s specialty.

Dental Practice Cards

Dental Professional Cards

Dental Practices view a list of all dental professionals matching a user-defined specialty and the specified radius around their practice’s zip. Dental professionals that have expressed interest are presented first.

Dental Professional Cards

Direct Chat

Practices can initiate conversations with candidates they are interested in. The dental professional receives push notifications and can respond in real-time to coordinate next steps.

Direct Chat

Some numbers

After spending so much time developing the perfect solution to the problem presented, we always make sure to track the success of the product built. We are proud to say that the DentalMatch mobile application is a big success and is currently on a limited launch in select cities.


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