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123Insurance disrupts the dental software space by providing a suite of tools like insurance verification, treatment cost transparency, and automated appointment follow-ups to dental practices.

What was the problem?

Dental practices relied on the timely process of calling insurance carriers to verify insurance coverage for procedures. Patients were confused on what their dental treatment plans and what their insurance company would cover. Practices had no way of following up with patients to ensure they schedule their next procedure.


What did we do?


We interviewed dentists and front office staff for 3 different dental practices in order to validate and get insight on the problem presented.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout the span of 4 weeks, interlaced with brainstorming meetings between WestonDEV and 123Insurance, a detailed feature list and timeline for the creation of an integrated web application was created.


Our design team created a beautiful wireframe, or mock-up, of every screen to be created for the proposed web app. This wireframe coupled with the feature list was used to create a specific timeline for the lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team took the reins and built out both the data intensive back-end, and client facing front-end for the development of the web application. Several weeks of rigorous quality checking was performed.

User Feedback and Future Planning

A good application is never finished. To this day, we continue to collect feedback from both 123Insurance and use the insight gained to propose new features and systems that can improve the web app we developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting edge technologies to create a web app that provides full transparency to patients regarding their dental treatment, saves front-office time, and generates powerful financial insights to practices.



We use Google Firebase to ensure secure data hosting, reliable server maintenance, and easy data monitoring.



By integrating ReactJS we are able to create an engaging & modern UI Experience.



With Zoho CRM, we provide an app management portal where 123Insurance can run analytics on the web app’s performance.

Insurance Verification

With the click of a button, practices can verify their patient’s dental insurance within seconds to ensure scheduled procedures are fully covered.

Production Insights

Powerful production data is front-and-center, allowing practices to see the total potential earnings for procedures that were discussed with patients, but have not been scheduled yet.

Patient Transparency

A patient-facing mobile optimized web app was created to display all pertinent information about a patient’s treatment plan. This improves transparency and increases scheduled procedures.

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Some numbers

After spending so much time developing the perfect solution to the problem presented, we always make sure to track the success of the product built. We are proud to say that the 123Insurance web application is being used all around the United States!



123Insurance is being used in many practices throughout the country, and over 500 patients have viewed their treatment plans through the platform we built.