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Victory Casino Cruises is the most authentic Las Vegas-style casino experience in Florida, featuring five and six-hour cruises along the Space Coast, departing from Port Canaveral, Florida five days a week. Their customer database consists of both Florida residential and out of state tourist members of their Players Club, as well as individuals who have signed up for more information in anticipation of taking a casino cruise with VCC in the near future or with organized groups.

What was the problem?

Victory Casino Cruises was using a 3rd party vendor to deliver text messages to their players, which was turning into an expensive proposition. They wanted to have greater control over their messaging, leverage the thousands of additional club members with phone numbers to opt into text messaging, and better segment the players as they entered and grew within the company’s pipeline.


What did we do?


We sat down with the marketing and tech teams with VCC to get a full understanding of how phone numbers were currently being collected, how differentiation was being made between land lines and potentially mobile phone #’s, what kind of messages VCC wanted to send out, and what VCC’s vision of the future looked like.

Brainstorming & Planning

Throughout the span of 4 weeks, weekly 2 hour meetings were held with VCC, where we created and refined a detailed BPA (Business Process Automation) to ensure every minuscule detail was accounted for before coding commenced.

Zoho UI Creation

Our Zoho team and design team collaborated to ensure the solution we create contains all pertinent fields, data, and workflows organized in a way that makes sense to the end user. This user interface planning and the BPA were both used to create a specific timeline for the entire lifecycle of the project.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team and Zoho team built out all backend functionality, and client facing design for the texting solution. Several weeks of rigorous quality checking was performed.

User Feedback and Future Planning

To this day, we continue to collect feedback from VCC and use the insight gained to propose new features and systems that can improve the solution developed.

WestonDEV leveraged several cutting-edge technologies to create an automated texting system that allows Victory Casino Cruises to send targeted text messages to players, sign ups, and/or specifically targeted key segments within their consumer database.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

We used the Zoho CRM platform to serve as the central hub and primary user interface for Victory Casino Cruises.



We used Google Firebase’s serverless cloud functions to run all the heavy logic required for this solution.



All text messages are being sent securely using Twilio’s existing infrastructure.

Create Population Segments

VCC can now create unique population segments based on a combination of factors such as last gaming date, birthdates, status levels, reward levels, and proximity codes, to mention just a few of the available variables. In addition, VCC has the option to create unique custom lists (e.g., VIP guest invitations and RSVP’s, unique reactivation offers, etc.) and import them directly into Zoho. Once created, each segment can then be utilized to deploy custom messages on a mass basis.

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Schedule Mass Text Messages

Victory Casino Cruises can now create text messages that can be scheduled to deploy on a future time and day. They can select the date, the time, the consumer segment, and craft unique messages well in advance. Using bitly links, they can then direct responders to specific landing pages on the VCC website. Clicks are tracked so that performance can be read within an hour after deployment.

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Fully Customizable Reporting

Performance reports can be generated at the click of a button with any information regarding the text messages sent or scheduled, the players in the system, and the text segments created. In addition, counts of potential new segments can be generated online “on-the-fly” for future planning and quick time progress updates.

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Some numbers

After spending time developing the perfect solution to the problem presented, we always make sure to track the success of the product upon completion. We are proud to say that the Victory Casino Cruises texting system has already reached thousands of players and sign ups and continues to grow daily.



Victory Casino Cruises has now reached thousands of players and has increased the number of tailored messages that can be sent out to targeted segments at just a fraction of their original cost. This increase in cost efficiency as well as timeliness of message delivery led VCC to expand their texting platform to create a unique module just for their 400+ employees.