Inventory Management App

We created an Inventory Management Mobile App to offer mobile access to our client's physical Point of Sale (POS) devices.

Due to our client's company policy, we cannot share their name and icon. As such, the app is referred to the "Inventory Management App" in this case study and the icons have been generalized.


What was the problem?

Our client has a large installed base of non-cloud POS systems for retail merchants. They were looking for a company to design and build a mobile app for iOS and Android that would read and write data to a cloud infrastructure they were currently building, thus giving merchants the ability to use the Inventory Management App remotely from their phone.

What was the problem

What did we do?


We studied the ins and outs of the our client's existing POS software, its capabilities, and existing remote POS solutions that competitors offered.

Planning and Wireframing

Throughout the span of 6 weeks, interlaced with brainstorming meetings with top management, a detailed feature list and wireframe/mock-up was created detailing every screen.

Backend Endpoints

With the wireframe and feature list finished, we then created documentation listing every endpoint (request, response, and details on functionality) that the Inventory Management App’s client dev team would need to develop in order for the mobile app we are creating to function.

Coding and Testing

Our industry-leading development team took the reins and built out the client facing front-end of the mobile application. Several weeks of rigorous quality checking was performed.


Our project managers and developers worked closely with our client's development team in order to assure the application we were creating could communicate appropriately with the backend infrastructure Inventory Management App was developing.

We leveraged several cutting edge technologies to create a mobile app that allows merchants to run their store remotely.

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Merchants have full access to their store’s inventory. They can add new items, manage inventory levels, change pricing, and even scan barcodes for quick item navigation.



Warehouse workers can keep track of order fulfillment, allowing merchants to have detailed, real-time status on completed PO’s and items that have been received.



Employees are guided through a blind count process of all or parts of the merchant’s inventory in order to maintain accurate inventory levels.


Some numbers

We are proud to say that the Inventory Management App is in process of being rolled out to thousands of their existing POS merchants.


of Merchants

to use the Inventory Management App